Leo Sorge è stato nominato membro del Comitato Scientifico dell’Associazione Nord-est Digitale.
Leo Sorge (Sito personale/BlogTwitterLinkedinSlideShareYouTube) works to make the best possible use of any kind of content. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. He speaks English and French and has basic skills in German and Japanese. His website is futuristico.it. He has been the editor in chief of important italian magazines including Byte Italy, Computer Shopper Italy and PC Upgrade.A passionate about new file formats, he worked with Wind, GulliverTown, Simplicissimus, Da Capo al Fine, Tiscali, and SeeWeb. He is currently the italian partner to the Gamification wiki site at http://gamification.org/it.
He organized science and technology shows such as Light ’10 (Cnr), Inv Factor (Cnr), Più Blog/Digital Café (Rome Book Fair), Cloud Scene, RepRap Day (by himself) in the last years.
He writes books about the history of real technology and counterfactual history (wireless, print, robot, microprocessor, ships).
He sometimes helps friends as a science-fiction novel editor. As an author he participated in anthologies published by Mondadori, Vallecchi, Bietti and others. As a director he wrote and directed Futuristico, a 4-part documentary film about the soul of science fiction.

Leo Sorge nel Comitato Scientifico di Nord-est Digitale
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